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Night Flier - Elizabeth Ring

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"Good-bye moth. . . . You're a night flier, and you have lots to do. . . ." With these simple words, a young boy watches a moth fly away from his window screen. Then he tells the moth what will happen next in its life. It will mate and then lay pearl-like eggs on the leaves of a tree. Then it will die, but caterpillars will hatch from its eggs in just 10 days. The caterpillar will spin a cocoon in winter and then emerge as a moth in the spring. Close-up, enlarged photographs show the steps in the moth's life cycle. A question-and-answer section at the end provides additional information about the cecropia moth.

Published by Millbrook Press, 1994.

Status: In stock

Dewey: 595.781

Pages: 32

ISBN:   1-56294-467-3 (Hardcover)

Keywords: moths, read-alouds, animals, caterpillars

Graphic Style: Photographs, Full color

Difficulty = Primary (K-3)

Review = Night Flier is a "brief, yet accurate, account of the life cycle of the Cecropia moth," says Paul Shubeck (Science Books and Films, November/December, 1994). The story is presented "through the eyes of a child who has watched the creature hatch from its cocoon," notes Chris Sherman (Booklist, October 1, 1994), with "an extensive, straightforward question-and-answer fact section at the end of the book."